 The motto of KiiT International School is: Selfless Service, Endless Learning. At KiiTIS, we have a vision of building leaders of tomorrow on the foundations of academic excellence and service to society. The school seeks to enrich childhoods with knowledge, insight, innovation & transformation. KiiT International School will lead and excel by engaging minds, transforming lives, and serving others with compassion and empathy to scale the summit of education as a premier international school.

 We believe that each student is a unique personality who deserves to be treated fairly, respectfully and with understanding. The school should seek to provide every student with an opportunity to tap his potential and feel enthused to give his best through well planned curricular teaching, absorbing extracurricular activities and programs, and innovative and dedicated teachers.


 Children should be taught to value and respect themselves while appreciating and understanding differences. A happy staff is a motivated and unified team, supportive of each other and committed to the students unconditionally.

 Learning is a tapestry of moments of discovery and joyful insights that is fostered by cooperative learning systems, creative and innovative methodology, and intense pedagogical research. A positive, safe, and purposeful environment ensures a productive environment for a child to

develop the confidence and the skills necessary to be a lifelong learner.  An amalgamation of these values and ideas is what awaits every student at School, providing the ideal environment for every child to grow and flourish.