Method Of Evaluation

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is done throughout the year as per Central Board norms. Grades are awarded. Students are graded in everything they do. For Std. X there would be no board examination. Those children wanting to do an examination at the Std. X level could do an on-line pen and paper examination.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for Class IX during the academic year 2009-10 The evaluation consists of six phases during the year:

The evaluation consists of six phases during the year:

First Term

Formative Assessment I , 10%
Formative Assessment II , 10%
Summative Assessment I ,20%

Second Term

Formative Assessment III , 10%
Formative Assessment IV, 10%
Summative Assessment II , 40%

Only grades will be entered in the CCE record as mentioned below:

91-100 => A1
81-90 => A2
71-80 => B1
61-70 => B2
51-60 => C1
41-50 => C2
33-40 => D
21-32 => E1
00-20 => E2

  Formative Assessment consists of Projects, Quizzes, Research Work, Assignment, and class interactions. Summative Assessment consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ), short answer and long answer questions from the portions of that term. The same system will be followed for Class X in the next academic year. There will not be any Board Examination for Class X. On the other hand the passing of Class X depends on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation records. If after the Class X level, a student is seeking admission to Class XI in a CBSE school this record is sufficient. However, if a student wants to go to another Board, he or she should appear for the on-line pen and paper examination at the end of Class X. The board examination will be held at the end of Class XII. Individual attention is given to each child and his/her progress assessed. Special coaching classes are arranged wherever necessary.