1. Why a residential School?

There are many reasons to go to a boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few considerations.

The boarding school is cool to be smart

This is probably the best reason to go to a boarding school. In a public school the kids who really want to learn frequently end up being social outcasts. Not so in boarding school. It's cool to be smart in boarding school. It's also very cool to learn.

The children will learn to be responsible.

Taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to a boarding school. The children learn to get along with others because it is a community. They learn to be responsible for their actions because they are bound by an honor or discipline code of some kind. The lessons in life learned in boarding school will lay a solid foundation for the adulthood.

They will get great teachers who love to teach.

Boarding schools traditionally hire teachers with degrees in their subjects. A large number of these experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field as well. Typically all are passionate about their subject and love to teach to young people because discipline is rarely a problem in boarding schools, these talented teachers get to teach without having to be traffic cops or paper pushers like their public school counterparts.

They will have great sports and sports facilities.

Most boarding schools have amazing sports facilities. The range of sports and teams is mind-blowing in the boarding school.

They will have great arts programs and arts facilities.

Theater, dance, music, fine arts, in short, anything and everything artistic is part of the opportunity which awaits you at most boarding schools. Several schools have magnificent arts centers. The art galleries and museums many schools have acquired offer more cope for the artistically inclined.

They will be used to live away from home.

It's never easy to leave the nest. But, doesn't it make more sense to make the move before college? Of course it does. The students will learn how to cope with life and all its many high and low points in a community of their peers who are going through the same things in their life. All of this is happening under the watchful eye of their teachers who are mentors, not baby-sitters.

A child's overall development, education, personality development, leadership qualities and rich values and culture will be the deciding factors for real success in life. Every child is bestowed with these latent potentialities which remain suppressed due to over-protection of parental care. Every decision is taken by the parent for the child. We love our children too much and cannot afford to make any mistake by allowing children to take independent decision. This is where quality residential schools offer good multi-platform for developing his personality and leadership traits.

2. Why not good day schools?

The best of day schools in the world have 'time' as their constraint and limitation. A child goes to school at 8 am and comes back at 3 pm. In this short span of time, the day school can only cater to academics and syllabus completion as it is so vast. Emphasis on personality development is neither planned nor possible.

3. Why not at home?

No proper system is present at home to cater to personality development of the child. Our love for our children is far too much and for reasons known, we tend to be over-protective about them. In this process, we unknowingly cause more harm than help as the latent potentials get submerged.

Residential Schools adopt a "whole-life" approach to education wherein the curriculum is not only person-centered but community oriented also. The curriculum of a residential school is designed to cater to the individual needs and interests of the children keeping in mind their future welfare.

4. What is the right age?

The right age for children to join residential schools is five & half, wherein the child has developed the sense of responsibility and self-confidence and has the ability to handle testing situations. Residential School helps a child to develop into independent mature adults enabling them to adjust to all types of situations and environment later in life.

5. Who will take care of him with 400 children here?

One of the best platforms for a child's development is to let him loose in the market of life. But, being young and innocent, he may fall prey to wrong ways. This is where a residential school which is a home away from home and the schooll act as a family unit where teachers replace parental love. The 24-hour watch by teachers and house parents creates parental care. Constant monitoring and guiding towards activity-based life helps the child to realize his/her potential and caliber. Residential school aims at nurturing an environment in which children can develop self-esteem, self-confidence and development of personality while acquiring knowledge.

6. Will he lose love for parents?

Children understand the value of parental love only when they are away from them. Children at home take parents for granted as parents tend to overprotect their children and tend to pamper them. Parents at times tend to lose control in bringing about the desired controlling authority as their obligations outside the home due to their commitments being more demanding. In a hostel, the child realizes the true value of his parents thus bonding gets more strengthened.

7. Will he become indiscipline?

The reason for a child being sent to a hostel is to instill in him discipline. Residential schools are best equipped to impart this mode of discipline as systems are in place 24 hours with qualified mentors/teachers. The system ensures proper leadership and managerial qualities boosting their self-confidence and independence tremendously.


1. What are the special features of VNS?

Vidya Niketan School is spread over 3 acres of land. It is the commitment of VNS to present to the young generation a world class educational centre, where the child can receive the most sophisticated education on a solid foundation of our hoary heritage.

We at VNS ensure personal attention to the wards from the experienced and committed staff. Mentor scheme to monitor every child's progress and attitudes. Creative centre to stimulate and promote creativity. Modern and Hi-tech labs to work on different experiments. Multimedia classrooms offered a great opportunity to the students to enhance their knowledge in an attractive way, Innovative teaching methods to make learning enjoyable. Excellent sports facilities for cricket, hockey, football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, swimming, gymnasium etc. Yoga and meditation to improve their concentration and memory

2. In what way is VNS different from other schools?

The School not only concentrates on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of children, it also provides academic excellence coupled with training to induce the right attitudinal change to develop in them the sense of service to others. VNHS gives lot of emphasis to our culture and practice its noble principles like service, non-violence, respect to other religions, living in harmony with nature etc.

3. Whom should I contact for further information?

Vidya Niketan School Dandeghar Naka. Main Road Panchgani
Contact : Principal (CBSE) Telephone no.:- 02168-241725
Office Manager Telephone no.:- 02168-241726.
Our website e-mail address : vnjcpanchgani@gmail.com

4. How do I report for admission?

Candidates accompanied by parents or guardians are to report on the day notified by the school. All the original documents like Promotion card, transfer certificate, in case of NRI- Passports to be submitted at the administrative office.


1. What will be the class strength in each grade?

The class strength will not exceed 25 to 30 students at each level.

2. What is teacher taught ratio at VNS?

VNS has the best and highly accomplished faculty with proven abilities. A small class size of 25 to 30 students ensure that staff is able to focus adequate time and attention on their students.

3. What is the school uniform?

The school will prescribe a definite dress code to in still a sense of belonging, camaraderie among fellow students. In addition, the uniform would induce a feeling of pride and appropriateness. School will provide a set of regular uniform for daily use. These uniforms are designed for comfort, elegance and utility.

4. Does the school give importance for culture and human values too?

The school aims at exposing the students to various aspects of Indian culture and value system. It organises morning assembly with a befitting prayer sessions, special talks on different human virtues and makes students participate in spiritual activities. Only by participating and experiencing, the students can imbibe values because values are not taught but demonstrated. We have listed 75 Human virtues to groom the children, wherein all the students are supposed to practice any one virtue and reflect it on their daily life.

5. How a student is monitored if he is weak in particular subject(s)?

Academically weak students or a supportive students are meticulously observed and are made to follow a well devised regimen of learning pattern (Remedial classes) that helps them to overcome their weaknesses and join the main stream. A weekly test is conducted which monitors a child's performance and his weaknesses. On the basis of the monitoring, suitable tutoring and remedial classes are conducted wherein personalised tutoring ensures mapping of the child's academic progress.

6. What is mentor scheme?

This is a unique scheme to bring excellent rapport between teachers and students. About 7-8 students would be assigned to the care of teacher, who acts as parent, records the progress and the attitudes of his/her wards and attends to their requirements- physical, academic and emotional. They are positive counsellors too.

7. What kind of laboratory and library- facilities are available at VNS?

A modern library with a large collection of useful books, systematically classified is available. A qualified librarian is there to guide the students to have access to the required books. It is kept open for long hours for the students to prepare for their activities like projects, symposia etc.The school have separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and IT laboratories.

8. Are students provided with counselling and career guidance?

Apart from teachers, VNS has the guidance of trained counsellors to help students in personal, academic and career guidance. Special Counsellors would give positive counselling to the students regularly.

9. Are students trained for competitive exams?

The school offers some competitive examinations like National Olympiad in different subjects and the concerned subject teachers are guiding the students according to their need.

10. What about the extra-curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities are almost as important as academics in moulding the all round personality of the student. There is histrionics club to train students in the fields of literature. Mathematics, Science, Heritage, drama, dance and music, painter's gallery for pencil and brush enthusiasts. Hobby clubs would see them having the thrills of making variety of things with their own hands.

11. When are the educational tours organised?

School believes that travel is the best teacher. Hence the school organises for both foreign and domestic tour. The students can opt for one of these tours. The cost of the tour is borne by the parents separately. The tours are organised usually in the second term.

12. What are the measures taken to develop the overall personality of students?

Personality Development & leadership classes are conducted regularly in the curriculum. Under the PDP, a camp of about 3 days is conducted, wherein training would be provided on various aspects, which would be a harmonic blend of western aggressive management and eastern aesthetics. External Professional Agency is invited to inculcate leadership qualities in students and understand the principles of Man Management.

13. What kind of importance is given to sports?

VNS believes in training the body as much as in training the mind. Excellent facilities are provided for both outdoor and indoor games. Under the guidance of trained personnel, students can exercise at the gym or take part in any game. The sports complex boasts of a 400 meter athletic track, volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, and cricket. The indoor stadium with badminton court, basketball court, Table Tennis. Students will be coached by professionals.

14. What about further education after standard-X?

Vidya Niketan School offers a good opportunity to continue the momentum of his/her growth here with its Junior college having Commerce and science streams for standard XI and XII. VNJC is well equipped with qualified and efficient staff to take care not only academics but also all the competitive Exams as JEE-MAIN+ADVANCE, AIPMT, NEET, BITSAT, ASSOCET, NATA so that by the time she/he leaves VNJC, he/she is well prepared and equipped for his/her career ahead.